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Debt Law

Welcome to the Debt Law section.


For information, please see Désastre (bankruptcy) (gov.je)

Enforcement of Judgements

For information, see Enforcement of judgment debts (gov.je)

Fines and other penalties

Scale of fines See Criminal Justice (Standard Scale of Fines) (Jersey) Law 1993 (jerseylaw.je) Parking fines See Parking fines (gov.je)

Jersey Debt Laws

For relating Jersey laws, see Jersey Law | Current Laws

Petty Debts Court

See Petty Debts Court (gov.je)

Prisoners and debt

Many people are in debt when they go to prison and for most prisoners, a debt problem will get worse whilst you are in prison. This fact sheet will help you to deal with your debts and help you get back control of your finances as much as possible. For further assistance, please contact us. […]
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