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Welcome to the Wills section.

Copies of a Will

Immovable Estate Copies of Wills of Immovable Estate dating back to 1851 and the index of Deeds of Sale are held at the Public Registry in Royal Court House, Royal Square by The Registrar of Deeds. You can get copies of Wills of Immovable Estate by going to the Public Registry in the Royal Court […]

Dealing with an estate after death

The following checklist is to help anyone who finds themselves in the role of Executor or Administrator of an estate and feels willing to carry out the duties involved. If having looked through these notes it seems too difficult, it is possible, with the beneficiaries’ approval, to get professional help from an accountant, lawyer or […]


The information given below is for general guidance only. If the deceased is unmarried Leaving children Children share estate in equal parts. If any child dies before the deceased, that child’s share goes in equal shares to their children Leaving no children but leaving siblings or issue of siblings Brothers and sisters share the estate […]

Life Enjoyment of Property

Rights of person with life enjoyment, the Usufructier Individuals inheriting life-enjoyment of property may prefer to rent out the property and not live in it. The lease or agreement should carry a safeguard for the tenant to protect their interests when the property reverts to the residual legatees who inherits. Residual legatees are responsible for […]

Personal applications for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (Local Domicile)

Stamp Duty and Fees All stamp duty and fees will need to be paid before the Grant is given. Personal application fees will also be added on. You can click here which will show you how much the Stamp Duty fees are: Stamp Duty is worked out on the net value of the deceased’s estate, […]

When intestacy may be preferable?

When would intestacy be preferable? Under the Wills and Succession (Jersey) Law 1993, as amended by the Wills and Succession (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2010, there is the possibility that a spouse may benefit from the fact that their deceased spouse has not made a Will of movable estate when the value of the total estate […]

Wills and Intestacy

Wills in Jersey You must go to a lawyer for detailed advice on matters about Wills as Jersey Law on the drafting of Wills is covered by legal rules. You can’t get legal advice on your own circumstances on drafting a Will from Citizens Advice Jersey or ask for a will to be witnessed. Why […]
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