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General Law & Courts

Welcome to the General Law & Courts section.


What is a Caveat? A mechanism for preventing the making of a grant. Can I lodge a caveat? You must have an interest in the moveable estate of a deceased person and wish to oppose the making of a grant. What grounds do you need to lodge a Caveat? Seek legal advice with regards to […]

Clameur de Haro

An ancient form of immediate injunction, having it’s origins in Norman Law, but still effective in Jersey. When can it be used? It can be lawfully raised in cases where someone who is in possession of land is having that possession disturbed or interfered with by some specific and visible wrongful act. How is it […]

Community Mediation

Community Mediation The service is meant to offer help in settling small scale disputes between neighbours, friends and between those doing business together. Both parties must live in Jersey and be able to attend the mediation in person. It will not be possible for lawyers to attend these mediations but parties will be able to […]

Court of Appeal

Proceedings The Judicial Greffe is responsible for all administrative arrangements for the Court of Appeal, including providing advice on court procedures for those wishing to bring an appeal. Transcripts The Court of Appeal Section of the Judicial Greffe provides a service to record proceedings and judgements given in the Superior Courts in Jersey. The recordings […]

Data Protection

The Office of the Information Commissioner website includes information about: the work of the Commission online notifications and enquiry forms guidance notes Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 If you have problems with Data Protection or Freedom of Information matters, you can contact the Office of the Information Commissioner.  Telephone:+44 1534 716530 […]

Defamation of Character, Libel and Slander

Defamation of character Defamation of character is split between libel and slander. Libel is a false written statement that lowers a person’s opinion of someone else and damages their reputation. Slander is something said verbally that has the same effect. The defamation must be said in front of a third party or published for a […]

Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information?​​​​ The Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011 was introduced in January 2015. You have the right to obtain recorded information held by public authorities. Under FOI, everyone has equal rights to access this information. When an FOI request is made: it must be in writing and can be made via […]

General animal information

The Animal Welfare Law How to look after animals and make sure they don’t suffer is laid down in the Animal Welfare [Jersey] Law 2004. A licence is needed from The Minister for Planning and Environment to run pet shops, kennels, catteries and animal sanctuaries. Accidents In Jersey law, owners of animals involved in accidents […]

How to prepare for seeing your Advocate

Advocates can be very expensive so you can help yourself and them by being well prepared for any meeting. Before you meet them, think about what you want to say and what information you want from them. Write it down so you don’t forget. Take paper and a pen with you so that you can […]


Purpose Injunctions are Court Orders which order someone to stop doing something which would be considered a civil wrong. For example, an injunction might be used to stop domestic violence, molestation or harassment trespass  noise nuisance someone disposing of goods or assets that may not belong to them someone trying to hide or conceal assets […]

Jury Service

 Jury Service The Criminal Justice system needs people to be prepared to sit in court and hear evidence at trials. They then have to decide if someone is guilty or innocent. The people who do this are called Jurors and it is called Jury Service. Each year, the Constable of each parish provides a list […]

Legal Aid

How to apply Legal Aid applications are available online by clicking here. Contact details for the Legal Aid office: Tel:+44 1534 613999 E-mail:email@legalaid.je If the person applying for Legal Aid has been charged with a criminal offence, details of the charge should be included on the application and a copy of the charge sheet should be […]

Legal Deposit Law

The Law The Legal Deposit (Jersey) Law 2007 makes sure that copies of any works which are published in Jersey are held and become part of Jersey’s cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations. Publishers must provide a copy of each work, as required under the law, to the Jersey Library. Works […]

Legal Terminology

This Glossary has been prepared by the Judicial Greffe and Law Officers’ Department. It is intended to assist you with the terminology that you are likely to come across in the course of your dealings with the legal system in Jersey. Its contents are made publicly available for information purposes only. The contents of this […]

Magistrate’s Court Procedures

How the Magistrate’s Court The Magistrate’s Court Greffier and their staff run the department on the Ground Floor of the Magistrate’s Court, Union Street, St Helier. They prepare the Court Lists, summonses and can answer any questions you might have. Tel: +44 1534 440080. Witnesses See other information at Witness Services.  Disputed cases When a person […]

Music in public places

How do you get Permissions? Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for charity should contact the Constable of the Parish for permission. Buskers Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for gain should contact the Jersey Arts Centre which is authorized by the Bailiff to audition and recommend […]

Notary Publics

Notary Public A Notary Public is an officer of the law who confirms or certifies deeds or other documents for use anywhere in the world. Documents that can be certified by a Notary Public include: Wills Powers of attorney Affidavits Declarations The importance of Notaries Public is not so much in the duties they carry […]

Parish Hall Enquiries

When are Parish Hall Enquiries held? You may be asked to attend a Parish Hall Enquiry at the Parish where the alleged offence has been committed. Cases are dealt with in small rooms, in private and often result in cautions. A caution is a warning not to do something again or more serious action will […]

Parish Rates and Appeals Procedure

What are Parish Rates? There are two types of rates that are paid on property in Jersey: Parish rates the Island-wide rate Detailed information about the rates including: what the parish and Island-wide rates are who pays them who decides the rateable value of a property when and how rates are paid is available on […]

Past Convictions – Rehabilitation Periods

Does someone have to give information about past convictions? Someone who has a past conviction for a criminal offence may want to know if they have to give information about the conviction and if so, under what circumstances. Common situations where someone may be asked to declare a conviction include: when taking out an insurance […]

Personal Injuries

What has happened? Before meeting with anyone to discuss your injury you may need to think about what has happened, and what you now want to happen. It might be that you want compensation but you may also want to officially complain about a situation, or save others from a similar injury. This information item […]

Police in Jersey

General Powers of the police It is your right that the police treat you fairly and with respect at all times. The police must follow the rules set out in the Police Procedure and Criminal Evidence (Jersey) Law 2003 and the Codes of Practice (PPACE), which outline how they have to treat you, and what […]

Privy Council

Privy Council The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) is the final court of appeal for the Crown dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man), for UK overseas territories and military sovereign base areas and for certain Commonwealth countries. How do I raise an appeal The Privy Council is the last resort for […]

Public Entertainment

What you need to know The Bailiff has a customary power to control public entertainment.  He is assisted in this task by a panel chaired by the Bailiff’s Chief Officer and includes members of the Police, Fire Service, Environmental Health and Health and Safety. All major public entertainment and venues are passed before the panel […]

Referrals to UK Solicitors

Although there are a number of English Solicitors practising in the Island, none of them will take on cases which come under the jurisdiction of English or Scottish Law. Anyone with an outstanding matter involving UK or Scottish Law should go to a solicitor based in the UK. One way of finding a UK solicitor […]

Right to review a decision not to prosecute

Victims of crimes in Jersey are entitled to apply to the Attorney General for a review of a decision not to prosecute. For guidance which explains how this scheme operates and who is entitled to seek a review, please click here.

Specialist Lawyers

What is a specialist lawyer? If you have a problem in law, it might be better to get help from a lawyer who is used to working in that area of law as their knowledge will save you time and therefore money. Some lawyers only work in some areas and they are known as specialist […]

States Committees of Enquiry

Committee of Inquiry Members of the public are allowed to sit on Committees of Inquiry. If the States believe that something of interest to the public should be looked at, they can appoint a Committee of Inquiry to look into the matter. The maximum number of people to sit on a Committee of Inquiry is […]

Statutory Nuisances

The law protects neighbours affected by smells, noise and other nuisances. Who administers the law The law gives Health and Community Services a duty to investigate and stop nuisances in private homes, industrial, trade or business premises. Officers from the Environmental Health Department at Maison Le Pape will administer the law and serve abatement notices […]

Victim’s Charter

The Victims’ Charter explains the co-ordinated service that exists to help the victim of a crime with their emotional and practical needs. The Victim’s Charter aims to make sure that everything possible will be done to deal with the needs of the victim and anyone else who has been affected by the incident. Statement of […]

Video Recording Classification

What is a video recording classification? Anybody involved in the sale, hire, loan or exchange of videos faces an unlimited fine if they possess a video recording which is not classified under the law. A video recording means any disc or magnetic tape containing a moving picture. The Video Recordings (Jersey) Law 1990 prohibits the […]
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